Adding signatures

If you need your forms to be signed before they are submitted, Screendoor lets you add electronic signatures to any form.

**Note**: In order to use electronic signatures, you'll need to sign up for [Screendoor Enterprise](

Getting started

Select the “Edit” link on the right side of the project header, and select the “Project Page” tab from the project wizard.

To add electronic signatures to your project, check the box “Require a signature to submit.”

Signature setting on Details page.

You can choose to add a custom preamble to the signature field. To do so, click the pencil icon next to “Your signature’s preamble” and enter your preamble in the text box that appears.

Adding a custom preamble.

To remove your custom preamble and restore the default text, simply press the delete icon.

When respondents fill out your form, they will be required to sign their response before submitting it.

Asking a respondent to sign their submission.

Viewing a signature

When a response is signed, you can view their signature from that response’s page. Go to your project’s Responses page, and click on a response in the table. The signature should be displayed in the sidebar on the right-hand side.

Viewing a signature in Screendoor.

Requesting a new signature

Screendoor binds each signature to a single revision of a response. If you, the respondent, or a collaborator edits a response, it will need to be signed again.

When a response is edited, the signature status in the sidebar changes accordingly.

An edited response that was previously signed.

To send an email asking the respondent to sign the new revision, click the “Request new signature” link.

Requesting a new signature.

After they sign the response, the new signature will display in the sidebar. You can still view their old signatures by viewing a previous revision of the response.

Viewing signatures in a previous revision.

To quickly view which responses in your project still need signature, press the “Edit columns” button on the Responses page, and display the “Signed?” column.

The Signed column on the Responses page.

Click on the column’s header to sort unsigned responses to the top of the table.