Automating your workflow with shortcuts

Shortcuts are a foolproof way to automate the existing workflow behind your form. By performing routine, mundane tasks for you, shortcuts can help your team focus on what matters—evaluating responses, following up with respondents, and making smarter decisions, backed by data.

Creating a shortcut

Go to your project’s Responses page and click the Configure shortcuts link in the lower left-hand corner.

Screenshot of Configure shortcuts link on Responses page.

Press the Add shortcut button to configure your first shortcut.

Screenshot of initial Add shortcut button on Shortcuts Editor page.

First, you need to add the trigger that will cause this shortcut to run. You can trigger a shortcut when a response is submitted, revised, or rated, or when its status or labels are changed.

Screenshot of adding a trigger in the Create shortcut menu.

Next, choose the action that will take place when the shortcut is triggered.

Screenshot of selecting triggered action in the Create shortcut menu.

When you press the Save button, you’ll see a summary of the shortcut you created. To add additional shortcuts, press the button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of Add shortcut button on Shortcuts Editor page.

Editing and deleting shortcuts

Edit and Delete buttons appear next to each shortcut. Press the Edit button to change the settings of a shortcut. When you’re done configuring the shortcut, press the Save button to save your changes.

Gif of editing a shortcut.

Press the Delete button to remove a shortcut.

Screenshot of a shortcut's delete button.

Reversing a shortcut

Whenever you trigger a shortcut, a notification appears on the lower right-hand corner of the page. If you have permission to manage shortcuts, click the Undo link inside the notification.

Screenshot of shortcut notification.

All actions related to shortcuts, even those that have been undone, are recorded in the activity feed.

Screenshot of activity feed with shortcut-related actions.

Understanding a shortcut

It’s possible to trigger a shortcut when you aren’t expecting it, but if have permission to rate responses or view shortcuts, you can find out how it’s been configured. Press the View Shortcut link in the shortcut notification, and you will be taken straight to that shortcut in the editor.

Screenshot of shortcut notification.