Notification settings

Project-wide notifications

By default, the creator of a project gets notified for everything that happens on that project. If you are collaborating on a project you did not create, you are notified only if you are mentioned in a comment or assigned to a response.

You can change your notification settings for any project on its Settings page, under “General settings.”

Changing project-wide notification settings.

Ignoring a response

If you’re receiving all notifications for a project, the activity on a Screendoor project can quickly become overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t want to receive notifications for responses with a lot of activity, but you would still like to receive emails for the rest of the project.

To ignore a response, go to the project’s Responses page, and click on a response. You can change your notification preferences in the dropdown on the right-hand side. Ignoring a response will block all notifications from it, even if someone assigns you or mentions you in a comment.

Changing notification settings for a response.

Turning off email notifications

To disable all email notifications from Screendoor, click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the window, and select “Profile.”

Under “We’ll send you notifications over…” select “The web only. Don’t email me.”

Disabling all email notifications.