Searching for a response

Screendoor offers powerful search tools to find the exact response you’re looking for.

If you simply want to search for a respondent’s name or a specific phrase, use the search bar in the upper left corner of the Responses page.

The search bar on the Responses page.

For more complex queries, press the “More…” button on the right side of the search input.

The advanced search button.

Click the “Add a filter” button to start building your search query. You can limit results by the respondent’s name, email, the person assigned, their answer to specific fields, and more. When you’re ready, press the Search button to see your results.

The advanced search modal.

If you want to clear your search results and view all of your responses, click the Clear link below the search input.

If you’re conducting the same search queries frequently, you may want to save them to reuse later.

After conducting a search, press the “Save search” button. You’ll be asked to name your search something you can remember it by later.

The Saved Searches modal.

When you want to conduct your search again, select it from the sidebar under the “Saved searches.”

The Saved Searches list.

To delete a saved search, press the Edit button above your list of saved searches. Then, press the Delete button next to the saved search you would like to remove.

Filtering by statuses and labels

The sidebar of your project’s Responses page provides a quick way to narrow your search results to a single status or label.

Status and label sidebars on the Responses page.

To filter responses by a status or label, click on its name in the sidebar.

The Responses page, filtered by a label.

To clear the filter, click “All responses” at the top of the sidebar.