Site preferences

To set preferences for your site, navigate to the “Preferences” section.

preferences section

Changing your site’s name or URL

To change your site name or URL, click the “DOBT Dashboard” link under “Site name and custom domain.”

dashboard link

From the Dashboard, you can change your site name by clicking “Change” next to the “Name” field, entering a new name, and clicking “Save.”

change name

You can also change your site’s URL, either to a different slug (e.g., or to a custom domain.

change url

Adding information pages

To add static information pages to your site, click “Add a page” under “Information pages.” Enter a title and a body for your page and click “Create page” to create a new information page.

information page

Links to your information pages will appear above your map. Clicking a link will open the corresponding page in a sidebar on the right side of the map.

information pages

Customizing your site’s appearance

To customize your site’s appearance, click the “Customize” button under “Appearance.” From the live preview page, you can add a logo (which will show up above the map and on the left side of the navigation bar), hide brand text (i.e., the “GovMapper” text that appears above your map), set the navigation bar’s background/link color, and even add your own custom CSS.


To use the live preview page, make changes on the left-hand side of the page and then click the “Preview” button to view them on the right. Feel free to play around with different options and preview them, as your customizations won’t be saved until you hit the “Save and Exit” button.

Setting a default map location

To set the default location for your map (which is what new users will see when they view your map), drag the map under “Default map location” to the appropriate point.