Editing your payment details

**Note**: If you have a Screendoor account, edit your credit card information by [following the instructions here](../../screendoor/your_account/billing.html#updating-your-credit-card).

Adding a credit card

Under the “Billing” section of the “Your organization” page, click the “Add credit card” link. Enter your credit card details and click the “Save” button. (Or, if you are already a Stripe user, enter the verification code you received from Stripe via SMS.) You can always go back and change the credit card you have on file by clicking the “Update credit card” link.

Adding or changing a plan

On the “Your organization” page, click the “Edit” button next to the application’s name. Under “Plan,” select a plan from the dropdown and click the “Save changes” button. (If you don’t have a credit card on file with us, you will see an “Enter payment information” button instead.)

app settings

Viewing recent charges

Your recent charges will be listed under “Invoice history” in the “Billing” section of the “Your organization” page.

billing details